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An IIEX Case Study: How Global Atlantic Increased Data Exchange Efficiency and Transparency

By DTCC Connection Staff | 1 minute read | May 4, 2022

DTCC recently partnered with a leading U.S. annuity and life insurance company firm, Global Atlantic, to develop a new client case study that illustrates how DTCC’s Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX) product can quickly help clients increase data exchange efficiency and transparency.

In this case study , Global Atlantic shared insight on their experience with IIEX over the past two years to better serve their distribution partner clients. The case study also details Global Atlantic’s views on the importance of IIEX’s Data Completeness Score (DCS) functionality and future goals of expanding their usage of IIEX.

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Prior to utilizing IIEX, Global Atlantic’s Digital Customer Experience Group (DCX) used siloed administration platforms to submit data to Broker Dealers of Record (BDRs). This manual process was inefficient, causing significant delays.

“Global Atlantic’s platforms originally lacked transparency and insight into the content of data being sent to BDRs; when additional information was needed, the DCX department had to manually search various platforms for raw data files, make analysis of that data and report back the findings,” said Daniele Musante, DTCC Associate Director, Relationship Management.

As a member of DTCC’s Data Strategy Advisory Council (DSAC), Global Atlantic had early access to IIEX while it was still in development. After seeing the potential in the platform, Global Atlantic’s DCX department decided to be early adopters in IIEX’s pilot program in November of 2020. Global Atlantic has continued to use IIEX as their data exchange platform, implementing it in multiple departments with great success.

Find out more about Global Atlantic’s experience with IIEX in the case study . For more information about IIEX please contact us via form or email or visit us on the web at