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Preparing for T+1 Using ITP Data Analytics

By DTCC Connection Staff | 2 minute read | October 24, 2022

In March, DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) services launched its augmented and rebranded analytics solution, ITP Data Analytics. The rebranding was created while keeping our clients’ daily and upcoming objectives in mind so that the service can deliver the best possible insights.

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With industry activity around accelerating settlement to T+1 in the U.S. ramping up, DTCC’s Kevin Strange, ITP Data Analytics Product Lead, sat down with DTCC Connection to share how the service provides metrics, reports and insights to help our clients achieve a level of straight-through-processing that allows for a seamless transition to T+1.

“ITP Data Analytics was designed to help industry participants analyze their operational performance with counterparties – providing a comprehensive view of performance over time, counterparty analysis and benchmarking against peers. The application also helps identify operational inefficiencies while highlighting trends and recommending solutions,” Strange shared.

Discussing the upcoming shift to T+1, Strange spoke about the specific reports and functionalities that can help ITP clients with the upcoming industry transition:

  • CTM Peer Comparison Report provides a comparison of your performance ranked against anonymous peers, providing you with a sense of your preparedness for T+1 relative to your competition.
  • CTM Counterparty Analysis allows you to analyze counterparty-by-counterparty performance to assess who is on the right track for transitioning to T+1.
  • CTM Time Period Report analyzes your performance against each of your individual counterparties to identify opportunities to improve operational processes as you prepare for T+1.
  • CTM Datafeed Report allows you to download your CTM matching data and view your individual transactions to pinpoint specific records in the context of T+1 readiness analysis.

“Fast trade entry by both parties is crucial at the onset of the CTM matching process to keep downstream workflows on time, which is something we kept in mind when creating ITP Data Analytics,” added Strange. “All reports in the service include relevant metrics like Same Day Entry and First Entry to Agreement that measure how quickly you and your counterparties are entering trades into CTM.”

With metrics like Same Day Agreement and Match to Agreement, which measure how well and how quickly you work with your counterparties to get your trades matched on trade date, and Touch Observations, which identifies the CTM fields you or your counterparties manually touched at any time during the post trade process, ITP Data Analytics is becoming a valuable tool as firms prepare for accelerated settlement.

Strange added, “We were excited to have the ITP Data Analytics service launch this year so that we could help our clients draw actionable insights from the vast amount of data our services create daily. Data is a golden resource, and we’re happy to have created an interface that helps clients overcome everyday obstacles and industry changes, like T+1.”

To get in touch with our Sales team about ITP Data Analytics, click here. To learn more about the service here.

Kevin Strange
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