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DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) envisions an open, integrated platform for all post-trade processing. As we work toward this goal, ITP has been taking steps to enhance and consolidate existing functionality. The latest of these is the launch of our new service, ITP Data Analytics.

DTCC Connection spoke with DTCC’s Kevin Strange, ITP Data Analytics Product Lead, about what the new service has to offer.

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DC: Can you tell us about the new ITP Data Analytics service?

KS: The new ITP Data Analytics service is an evolution of ITP’s previous analytics solution, Benchmarks. Our roadmap aims to bring all our services together into one open, integrated platform. ITP Data Analytics helps us approach this goal by utilizing our golden source data that is produced daily to help further streamline our clients’ post-trade processes.

The service provides users with their own CTM™ data, repackaged into different report types and metrics to best pinpoint insights that can help streamline their post-trade processes. ITP Data Analytics can show users how they perform against their counterparties, how long it takes for them to match a trade, how many manual touches are involved in their process, and help identify the actual root cause of any low performing metrics.

DC: How is this service a step forward for our clients?

KS: Having spent several years working closely with our clients on helping them improve their operational behavior and performing dozens of business review sessions, we took the best of the Benchmarks application to develop the next generation of our analytics solution.

Preparing for regulatory and industry changes like CSDR and accelerated settlement were common themes among client feedback, we have created specific report types and metrics to help firms prepare for these things within the new service offering. Additionally, clients have highlighted that ITP performance data is a significant asset and it was important for us to provide it to our clients in an insightful and easily consumable manner.

Our newly modernized user interface delivers a comprehensive view of your performance by providing different report types, customizable filters for your data, and ways to compare your performance against peers and counterparties, all in one.

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DC: What types of data do clients gain access to with the new ITP Data Analytics service?

KS: Clients that use ITP Data Analytics will gain access to different reporting and metric options including:

  • Time Period Reporting: Provides clients with operational performance insights spanning a customizable time period
  • Peer and Counterparty Benchmarking: Creates aggregated reports, anonymized peer comparisons and counterparties breakdown across markets
  • Data Feed: Enables clients to access and download their underlying transaction data for in-depth analysis

While a large broker may want to subscribe to all three, a buy side representative may only be interested in Peer and Counterparty Benchmarking. Either way, all clients have the option to pick and choose which reports best suit their needs.

DC: How can clients sign up?

KS: Any CTM client can sign up today for ITP Data Analytics by contacting us. Additionally, we are providing a free version of the new service that allows you to explore the user interface and preview some of the available performance metrics and reports that come with a full-service subscription. You can access the free version here by logging in with your CTM User ID.

Legacy Benchmarks clients can automatically access ITP Data Analytics with their CTM user ID through the ITP Web Portal, or directly through this link. Please log in with your ServiceCentral credentials and select the ITP Data Analytics tile. If your firm is a client but you do not have a CTM user ID, please reach out to your CTM Product Administrator to configure your access.

Kevin Strange
Kevin Strange ITP Data Analytics Product Lead

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