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New ITP Web Portal Provides Streamlined Accessibility

By DTCC Connection Staff | 2 minute read | August 31, 2021

DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing is working towards an open, integrated future for the post-trade process. By way of efforts like the OASYS to CTM migration, ITP has been consolidating its functionality so that clients are able to finalize trades as efficiently as possible.

The latest of these efforts include the creation of the ITP Web Portal – a single entry point for all ITP services. Ana Lotharius, ITP Product Management Director, spoke to us about the topic and provided more detail.

What is the new ITP web portal?

The ITP web portal is a centralized location for ITP clients to access all ITP products and services online. The portal has tiles for each ITP service which, when clicked, will launch a separate browser tab opening that application. All ITP products and services are included providing a consolidated user experience.

Can you speak more as to why it was created?

Our main goal for creating a centralized web portal was to improve customer experience. Because DTCC has an extensive suite of ITP products, and a large portion of clients utilize more than one of those products, we saw an opportunity to improve their user experience by consolidating and creating a single-entry point for access. This also aligns with and brings us closer to achieving our goal of creating a fully integrated ITP platform for all post-trade.

What are some of the benefits of the ITP web portal?

The biggest benefit that clients will see immediately is single sign-on. Going forward, instead of managing multiple product URLs, usernames and passwords, clients only need to remember one set of credentials to access all ITP products. The portal also provides visibility to clients to the full suite of ITP offerings, meaning that if there is a product they may not be aware of or utilizing, there is the opportunity to learn more through direct access to marketing collateral on the DTCC website or the DTCC Learning Center.

How does this fit in with the ITP vision?

The ITP vision of a creating a no-touch processing workflow includes providing a user interface that allows clients to manage their workflows end to end. The ITP web portal is critical to this strategy because it provides a single-entry point into the product user interfaces. Essentially, the launch of the portal is a major steppingstone to a truly integrated user interface for all of ITP.

Who can use it? Do they need to sign up or do clients automatically have access?

We encourage all ITP clients to log in to their ITP services via the ITP web portal. All ITP clients can now access the portal via; there is no need to subscribe. It is important to note that the ITP web portal is currently supported exclusively via Google Chrome web browser and users must log in using their ServiceCentral email address and password. Registration for a ServiceCentral account is easy and free through the ServiceCentral homepage.

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