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DTCC Consulting Services

For an individualized roadmap and customized solutions to maximize your investments in ITP and other DTCC services including Repository & Derivatives Services (RDS) , or to help with your Central Securities Depositories Regulation (CSDR) analysis and preparation, DTCC has introduced DTCC Consulting Service - a new a new advisory service that provides market participants around the world with unparalleled access to DTCC’s expertise and experience in post-trade processing. Our teams of experienced consultants are able to help identify where risks and/or inefficiencies lie across the trade lifecycle from matching and confirmation to margin and settlement and can help create effective solutions to underlying issues and deliver meaningful improvements. For more information on DTCC Consulting Services please contact us.

Unparalleled Community Network

Our collaboration with the financial services industry has inspired innovations such as the first electronic allocation engine, the first settlement instruction database and the first central matching service for the global capital markets. It is a history of success we continue to build upon. Our ITP solutions currently enable 6,000+ clients across 52 markets to provide instant access to counterparties worldwide, driving best practices, promoting effective communications and accelerating post-trade processes.

Premiere Client Support & Comprehensive Learning

We provide 24/7 multi-lingual technical support, a global relationship management team, support for a firm’s legal and regulatory compliance, and comprehensive cyber-resiliency and business continuity programs. In addition, DTCC provides access to comprehensive DTCC learning solutions that help clients optimize their use of our services, provide support for product adoption and implementation goals, and enhance their industry expertise.

Strategic Partnerships

The DTCC Partner Program actively promotes partnership and collaboration with global and regional financial solutions providers to help mutual clients to mitigate risk, achieve market efficiencies and reduce costs. The program strives to transform the post-trade ecosystem through strategic partnerships that drive client value while accelerating the adoption of new initiatives and best practices across the financial services industry.


Cybersecurity remains a critical issue for the financial services industry, with an expected spend of $43 billion annually by 2023.* In keeping with DTCC’s goal of reducing risk, as well as providing certainty and reliability to the global financial system, we work closely with clients to operationalize cybersecurity requirements while ensuring proper due diligence and relevant industry standards are being met.

*DTCC Whitepaper, A Roadmap to SSI Automation: How an SSI Utility Benefits all Participants