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In Switzerland, the Financial Markets Infrastructure Act (FMIA), also known as “FinfraG”, came into force in early 2016. It will align the derivatives trading regulation with the international standards, and address key changes in the infrastructures of the financial markets, such as trading platforms and central clearing counterparties. Part of FinfraG contained a requirement for firms with their registered office in Switzerland to report their derivatives trades to a trade repository.

  • How Can GTR Help Companies Meet Their Swiss Trade Reporting Obligations

    DTCC’s Global Trade Repository (GTR) in Europe has registered to become a Foreign Trade Repository (Art 80 FMIA). Read the press release here.

    Clients can use existing reporting templates and connectivity as well as an outbound reporting suite aligned to existing services allowing for fast, cost effective implementation and thus reporting.

    Find out more about our competitive fee schedule here.

  • Benefits

    • Single interface for global regulatory reporting;
    • All asset classes supported for both OTC and ETD – Credit, Rates, Equities, FX and Commodities;
    • Trade submissions can be accepted directly from firms or through a third-party services provider. Several formats are supported, including CSV and sFTP;
    • Multiple delegation methods supported for both counterparty and third-party delegation;
    • Rules-based regulator access to positions; and
    • Significantly reduces cost burden for market participants to comply – build to one hub and data can be disseminated to appropriate regulatory authorities.

  • For more information

    Please complete the GTR Onboarding Questionnaire to sign up.

    For additional information on the onboarding process or to make amendments to your account, please contact [email protected].

    For existing clients, please visit the DTCC Learning Center for further technical information.

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