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Start here to onboard to our Global Trade Repository (GTR) Service

New to Global Trade Repository (GTR)? Start here. If you are an existing GTR client and would like to activate an additional GTR service, please access Manage Services on the MyDTCC Portal and select ‘Onboard a New Service’.
The phone number should start with a "+", followed by the country code, area code and phone number. There should be no spaces or other special characters. Examples of correct phone number formatting are:
  1. UK: +442071366328
  2. US: +18883822721
  3. SG: +6566227349

Please enter the Legal Entity Identifier associated with the main entity you are onboarding.
This is the entity which is the main user of the service. This legal entity will sign the user agreement, and invoices will be issued in this name.

Which reporting service(s) are you interested in onboarding for?
What is the nature of your business?

How do you intend to use the GTR service?


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