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Smart NAV Pilot: Bringing Trusted Data to the Blockchain Ecosystem

The pilot evaluated the feasibility and value of delivering a DLT-based price and rate dissemination solution that can enable new benefits and support experimentation.
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Two Weeks Until T+1: Affirmation Analysis

See how affirmation rates are progressing across market segments as the May 28 implementation date nears.
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T+1 Tabletops: Strengthening Internal Business Response Plans

Learn about the key takeaways from our series of outage scenario exercises that assessed the impacts of hypothetical outage scenarios in a T+1 settlement environment.
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  • US Treasury Building

    U.S. Treasury Clearing

    Learn how greater adoption of central clearing for U.S. Treasuries can reduce risk and improve resiliency.

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  • T+1 Settlement

    A centralized source of information about the industry's effort to accelerate the U.S. securities settlement cycle to T+1 in 2024.

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  • LIBOR Transition

    Centralizing Communication for the Retirement of LIBOR for US Debt Securities.

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  • Managing Risk PokerChip

    Managing Risk

    Mitigating risk exposures for the DTCC enterprise, its stakeholders and the global clearance and settlement system.

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DTCC Consulting Services

DTCC Consulting Services

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