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Learn how to transfer from other trade repositories to GTR with ease

This page provides an overview of our Global Trade Repository service (GTR) for EU27 EMIR-ESMA reporting post-Brexit.

  • about

    DTCC’s Dublin-based EU27 trade repository (TR) -- DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) Plc (DDRIE) -- is dedicated to bringing greater transparency, and resultant risk mitigation, along with cost efficiency to the global OTC derivatives market.

    DDRIE has been successfully registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to operate within the EU27 post-Brexit. DDRIE will not become active until Brexit takes effect and GTR uses should therefore continue to report to DTCC Derivatives Repository Plc (DDRL) until such time. Post-Brexit, ESMA authorization of DDRL will be withdrawn and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorization for DDRL to operate in the U.K. will come into effect.

    DTCC‘s GTR delivers to market participants a robust automated regulatory reporting solution both OTC Derivatives and Exchange Traded Derivatives (ETD) for both cleared and uncleared contracts. To align with current EMIR regulations, the GTR will support the submission of multiple messages for Common Data, Counterparty date, Valuations and Collateral as well as backload submissions of historical records.

    More information on EMIR can be found on the ESMA website -

  • benefits

    • Single interface for Global Regulatory Reporting.
    • All Asset Classes supported for both OTC and ETD – Credit, Rates, Equities, FX and Commodities.
    • Trade submissions can be accepted directly from firms or through a third-party services provider. Several formats are supported, including CSV, WebServices, FpML, and sFTP.
    • Multiple delegation methods supported for both Counterparty and third-party delegation.
    • Connectivity to all major regulators including ESMA as well as to 32 National Competent authorities through global “regulator portal.”
    • Rules-based Regulator access to positions.
    • Replication to local Regulators where required.
    • Significantly reduces cost burden for market participants to comply – build to one hub and data can be disseminated to appropriate regulatory authorities.

    The Global Trade Repository service provides open access to third-party providers to promote efficient reporting processes. This includes:

    • Organized Trading Facilities (OTF)
    • Central Counterparties (CCP)
    • Confirmation Providers
    • Middleware Providers

  • For More Information or Sign up

    For new clients, please contact our sales team at who will discuss all available options with you in more detail. .

    For existing clients, please go visit our Learning Center located here for further information on using GTR services.

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