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In early August, UnaVista announced it will discontinue its trade repository (TR) services for Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR), effective January 30, 2022.  We are working closely with UnaVista to ensure a smooth transition for firms who opt to leverage DTCC’s EU or UK trade repository for their SFTR reporting needs.  We understand the challenges firms face when going through the process of porting TR data to a new service provider and we want you to know that we are committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Award Winning SFTR Solution: Easy Onboarding & Comprehensive Client Service
Our award-winning SFTR service processes approximately 85% of all SFTR trade reporting volume across the UK and Europe, processing over 115 million messages a month for over 800 clients.  The SFTR service leverages the GTR infrastructure, the industry's trade reporting solution of choice for OTC and exchange-traded derivatives, serving approximately 80% of the global market.  GTR supports reporting regimes in Australia, Europe, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, Singapore, the U.K. and the U.S.

Next webinar on 19 August
@ 1pm BST/ 2pm CEST


Seamlessly Transfer to GTR
Our dedicated client support team, available 24/7 will ensure you are fully supported through the entire trade reporting lifecycle – from onboarding and connectivity through to testing, go-live and post-reporting data analysis. Third-party providers looking to onboard for SFTR or EMIR services, please contact your Partner Relationship Manager or email us at [email protected].

Fee Schedules
- DDRIE SFTR Fee Schedule EUR
- DDRIE SFTR Fee Schedule USD
- DDRL UK SFTR Fee Schedule EUR
- DDRL UK SFTR Fee Schedule USD
- DDRIE SFTR Introductory Fee Schedule EUR
- DDRIE SFTR Introductory Fee Schedule USD
- DDRL UK SFTR Introductory Fee Schedule EUR
- DDRL UK SFTR Introductory Fee Schedule USD

Access Simple Self-Service Tools
- EU/UK Inbound Porting FAQ
- Create log-in and password to Client Learning Center to access information
- Learn about how Manage Services will ease your onboarding process
- FAQ about how to set up your explicit permissioning

Help with Cross-Border Reporting Obligations
You can count on us help you manage your cross-border reporting obligations through our Global Trade Repository (GTR), which provides trade reporting repositories in 22 jurisdictions.

Addressing Pre & Post Reporting Needs
In addition, we can support firms with more than just trade repository services.  We can help alleviate the burden of pre and post trade activities with our award winning DTCC Report Hub® service which automates the complex data and operational requirements of securities financing transactions reporting. By using the complete DTCC Report Hub® suite of capabilities you can improve operational efficiencies, reduce technology costs, and mitigate compliance risk.

Our Expertise.  Your Organization
You can also tap into our deep post-trade expertise and leverage our DTCC Consulting Services. Our experts use our proprietary Reporting Control Framework Model to conduct a deep-dive diagnosis and propose an implementation plan to enable you to enhance your reporting processes, which can help you increase operational efficiencies, drive down costs and mitigate risks.