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Learn how to transfer from other trade repositories to GTR with ease


Dedicated to bringing greater transparency and cost efficiency to the global derivatives market, DTCC provides trade reporting services in Australia via its legal entity, DTCC Data Repository (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (DDRS). As holder of the first Australian derivative trade repository (ADTR) license granted by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), DDRS continues to meet the operational and regulatory needs of the Australian derivatives marketplace.

If you are in scope for the upcoming reporting obligations for OTC derivatives transactions, you can submit your applicable derivatives contracts either directly to DDRS or by delegated submission through a counterparty that uses DDRS’ trade reporting services. In either case, you must first onboard to DDRS. For delegated reporting, all parties to the delegation must complete all requisite documentation and be onboarded with DDRS.

Read ASIC final rules.


  • Why do you need DTCC’s GTR service?

    • Offers single point of connectivity, reconciliation, and control to reduce the cost burden of adhering to different regulatory standards
    • Handles large and complex amounts of data, supported by a safe and robust infrastructure
    • Provides the ability to submit both voluntary and regulatory required data to regulators

    DTCC’s GTR service provides open access to these third-party providers to promote efficient reporting:

    • Organized Trading Facilities (OTF)
    • Central Counterparties (CCP)
    • Confirmation Providers
    • Middleware Providers

  • For More Information

    For additional information on DTCC’s GTR service in Australia, please contact For membership and on-boarding, please contact



    DTCC Market Infrastructure of the Year Award - 2020Asia Capital Market Awards 2020 - DTCC as Regulatory Reporting Solution of the YearDTCC Market Infrastructure of the Year Award - 2019






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