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DTCC's IT Featured Roles

Now Hiring Software Engineers and Automation Testing Engineers!

Are you ready to help modernize the core of the financial services industry? DTCC is gearing up for some of our most pivotal IT initiatives, ones that will help shape the future of post-trade processing. You can be part of that future.

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DTCC's IT Featured Roles - Karen Duffy
As IT professionals, we consider ourselves lucky if the opportunity arises even once in a career to contribute to a project of such magnitude and importance that it actually shapes the future. At DTCC, we are at such an inflection point right now. By joining DTCC, you can alter the future of post-trade processing and the very core of financial services industry by contributing to our Modernization and Treasury Clearing initiatives. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a difference.

Karen Duffy
Managing Director of IT SIFMU and Risk Delivery, DTCC