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DTCC is establishing its digital asset capabilities in DevX to engage the industry in a broad range of use cases. We will execute on a series of pilots in coordination with our clients that will explore new business services and related technical capabilities while accounting for regulatory considerations.

DTCC Testnet is implemented as a private Ethereum network built on Hyperledger Besu. DTCC Testnet participants will have the ability to connect to the network by (1) leveraging APIs provided by DTCC, (2) adopting a node in their own sandbox infrastructure, or (3) gaining access to an instance of DTCC’s DevX test infrastructure (AWS) where a node is deployed. All DTCC Testnet participants will also have access to tooling including a block explorer, network dashboard, web3 faucet, etc.

From Pilots to Production: As pilots mature and demonstrate a compelling case for change, we will look to move these capabilities to production based on client demand. This includes seeking regulatory approvals as necessary, underscoring DTCC's commitment to compliance and market integrity.

Interoperability and Multi-Chain Solutions: Recognizing the importance of collaboration across multiple blockchain networks, DTCC is actively exploring and piloting interoperability solutions to support the growth of multi-chain ecosystems. By enabling seamless interaction between different blockchain platforms, we aim to unlock new possibilities and further accelerate the adoption of blockchain technology. Overtime, we will look to connect DTCC Testnet with other test networks to make these capabilities available to participants.

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