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Fintech 2018

As fintech become more prominent across the industry, don’t risk of falling behind on how you and your firm can leverage the latest technologies. Here’s four ways attending DTCC’s Fintech Symposium, which is scheduled for Thursday, March 22 at the Grand Hyatt New York, will help you master the fintech revolution:

1. Networking

Meet more than 300 like-minded attendees including senior strategy and business leaders, technology experts and regulators, and take advantage of all of the scheduled networking sessions on the event agenda.

2. Real Life Applications and Use Cases

The sessions will feature discussions about real-world applications of blockchain, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics, and how these technologies can be used to deliver tangible business results.

3. Expert Speakers

The Symposium will feature expert speakers from top financial services firms, technology providers and regulators including Blythe Masters, Digital Asset, Chris Concannon, Cboe Global Markets, Brett Redfearn, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and more.

4. Interactive Sessions

Speaking sessions and panels will include live polling and audience Q&A throughout the day, designed to keep you engaged and informed.