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DTCC's Darlene Newman Joins Duke FinTech Advisory Board

By DTCC Connection | 1 minute read | September 8, 2023

Darlene Newman, DTCC Executive Director and Head of Internal Technology Research and Innovation, has joined the Duke FinTech Advisory Board.

“Being a member of the Duke University FinTech Advisory Board is an honor for me,” Newman said. “For more than a year now, Duke University has been an invaluable partner to my team and our mission to ensure that DTCC stays relevant in this ever-changing digital world.”

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In her role on the Board, Newman will help influence and shape the direction of the university's fintech program, ensuring that it remains relevant and aligned with industry trends. “I am eager to contribute my experience and insights to curriculum development program enhancements, and strategic decisions,” Newman said. “It’s critically important that the program helps students acquire fundamental skills to succeed in a field where regulations and governance control can slow down innovation.”

Besides being “technically proficient in the latest programming languages, data analysis tools, and knowledge of how emerging technologies (like blockchain and AI) will impact the industry, they also need to possess an understanding of financial systems, markets, and industry trends to be able to identify what value those technologies have the potential to provide,” Newman explained. She also emphasized the importance of critical thinking skills and “the power of influence with the ability to inspire and collaborate with diverse stakeholders.”

The Advisory Board is also an opportunity for the members to collaborate and build valuable partnerships. “This position on the advisory board will help showcase DTCC’s commitment to advancing fintech education,” Newman concluded.

Darlene Newman
Darlene Newman

DTCC Executive Director and Head of Internal Technology Research and Innovation