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Driving settlement finality via a centralized platform to monitor all settlement activity.


  • About

    Settlement Status Manager is a platform that gives clients the ability to review updates, manage their operational workflow and communicate on transactions throughout the settlement lifecycle. By centralizing and standardizing exception processing across a common shared platform and providing detailed post trade analytics, it enables faster resolution and delivers a significant reduction in the number of future exceptions. For trades that do fail, the platform will help to facilitate management with CSDR specific data points, tracking information and indicators.

  • Key Functionality

    A central portal providing single view of settlement activity across your custodians and brokers.

    • Configurable views and robust filtering options to quickly view and isolate records for further action.
    • Workflow functionality for assignment, prioritization and collaboration.
    • Secure chat functionality, which is linked to records, through integration with Taskize enabling users to easily communicate with counterparties, for quick and efficient problem resolution.
    • Direct linkage from records in Settlement Status Manager to corresponding trade allocations in CTM’s user interface –providing easy reference to all details of the trade allocation.
    • Availability of an optional CSDR add on module that provides clients globally with CSDR specific functionality focused on preventative measures to help mitigate the risk of fails.

  • Who Can Use the Service

    Settlement Status Manager is for all parties involved in the trade life cycle, including buy-side firms, outsourcers and their underlying clients, broker/dealers, custodians, prime brokers, clearing brokers and other settlement agents.

  • How it Works

    Settlement Status Manager consolidates all settlement activity into a single view.

    • Records are automatically classified into standard settlement status categories including Pending, Failed, Partially Settled, Cancelled, Settled and Resolved.
    • Records can be assigned to individual users or teams.
    • Users can create customizable views to manage their workflows including a view for Fails, Trades Settling Today, Future Settlement Date or By Market. The platform supports multiple user defined views.
    • Transaction history and activity log for records can be accessed along with the ability to export data.

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