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Meet our ARISE Co-Chair, Gary

By DTCC Staff | January 14, 2022

The Employee Resource Groups at DTCC foster an environment that respects and values diversity and inclusion. In addition to providing opportunities for professional development and growth, ERGs play an important role in working with senior leadership to address workforce policies and serve as a resource for innovative solutions that drive positive change.

ARISE's mission is to empower the Global Asian community at DTCC by providing opportunities for professional development and cultural awareness in support of our diverse community, by uniting our voices and embracing our differences.

Read on to learn more about DTCC’s Gary Ho, ARISE's recently appointed Co-Chair.

DC: Tell us about your role at DTCC.

Ho: I started my DTCC career in 2011. I’ve held various roles in Internal Audit Department (IAD) and Repository and Data Services (RDS). Currently, I’m an Executive Director within the Institutional Trade Processing (ITP) business line as the Head of Business Risk Management based out of Jersey City. In this role, I’m responsible for designing and executing a risk framework within ITP to facilitate risk identification, mitigation and reporting in alignment to the DTCC enterprise risk framework.

DC: What do you consider to be your biggest business accomplishment to date?

Ho: In March, we concluded on an SEC examination that has taken almost a full year. I have been representing ITP within DTCC, and it’s involved gathering input and responses from multiple teams and individuals at all levels — vertical and horizontal — within the organization. It’s been a collective challenge, with more than 350 requests and 2,600 documents provided, and I’ve enjoyed collaboratively rising to the occasion.

DC: Describe your ERG journey.

Ho: I’ve been a member of ARISE for over 7 years, during which I have expanded my knowledge of Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) cultures from around the world as well as my network of AAPI peers here at DTCC. During the pandemic, I wanted to get more involved in bringing about positive AAPI visibility and to also give back; it just so happened that a Jersey City site lead position became available, and I jumped at the opportunity to apply for it.

As the Jersey City site lead, I coordinated and assisted a number of events including the DTCC Leadership Panel Discussion and Perspective Series: Rising Violence against Asians. Through these events, I was inspired by the cathartic unison and support the AAPI community at DTCC offered each other. I have shared and learned from the many challenges of my own and my peers, which motivated me to take on coaching and mentoring of ARISE members, to bridge the community’s desire to connect and grow.

Naturally, when my colleagues reached out to me for the ARISE Global Co-Chair role, I was beyond excited and humbled at the opportunity. I look forward to working with other ERG’s and the broader DTCC, to continue to foster an environment that respects and values diversity and inclusion. During my discussion to become Co-Chair, I was asked; “Will you be able to dedicate the time and commitment to this role along with your day job”, my response was “When something is as important as this, I, along with anyone else would just make time.”

DC: What is the funniest thing that has happened to your recently?

Ho: My three-year old likes to pretend he is working like his daddy, so recently, I didn’t have any meetings towards the end of the day, so I let him wear my headset and he was walking around talking to himself. One of my colleagues called and he got freaked out when someone was talking to him through the headphones. My wife and I couldn’t stop laughing.

DC: If you were a brand, what would be your motto?

Ho: “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.” – Nobody enjoys failures, but not doing something because you’re afraid, won’t help you grow. So, take chances! Overprepare to lessen the probability of failure!

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