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Meet our ARISE Co-Chair, Maridy

By DTCC Staff | May 23, 2022

The Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) at DTCC foster an environment that respects and values diversity and inclusion. In addition to providing opportunities for professional development and growth, ERGs play an important role in working with senior leadership to address workforce policies and serve as a resource for innovative solutions that drive positive change.

ARISE's mission is to empower the Global Asian community at DTCC by providing opportunities for professional development and cultural awareness in support of our diverse community, by uniting our voices and embracing our differences.

Read on to learn more about DTCC’s Maridy Beringuela, ARISE's recently appointed Co-Chair.

DC: Tell us about your role at DTCC.

I've celebrated five years at DTCC this year and am currently a Senior Associate with the Anti Money Laundering (AML) & Financial Crime Compliance Department based in Manila.

Financial Crimes Compliance (FCC) implements, maintains, and executes DTCC's Anti Money Laundering (AML) compliance program, and works with the business areas to reasonably ensure that suspicious activity identified during the ordinary course of business, is appropriately identified, and escalated.

DC: What do you consider to be your biggest business accomplishment to date?

In my previous company, I developed successful projects for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) that surpassed employees' participation targets for two consecutive years.

The most challenging part of each project was conceptualizing unique content to fit the requirements of the target beneficiaries. With support and resources from said employer, we delivered successful projects and donations that supported several institutions, thus inspiring other companies to follow our strategy. My previous company also won consecutive CSR awards in those years.

At DTCC, I am proud to have been promoted three times in the four years I have worked here. The career development strategy at DTCC is beneficial for everyone ready to explore and step out of their comfort zone. ,/p>

DC: Describe your ERG journey.

I'm a member of different ERGs and join events when I can. While attending events, I noticed that most activities covered only US and EMEA regions. When ARISE opened the site leadership positions in APAC, I didn't hesitate to inform my manager of my plans and applied. My journey led me to great opportunities to involve the APAC regions in several activities and events.

More than being a culture-centric ERG, ARISE has grown to be a community that embraces our differences and unites our voices for equality and opportunity. Joining the ARISE leadership made me overcome my limiting beliefs and become aware of opportunities that led me to become the first Asian ERG Co-Chair.

I believe my involvement in several projects through ERGs gave me the chance to improve my confidence. I'm still a work in progress and have insecurities to overcome, but like Jim Kwik says, "if an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. But if it's broken by inside force, life begins."

ARISE is a great driving force and has always believed in me.

DC: How would you describe the color yellow to a visually impaired person or music to a hearing-impaired person?

I would describe yellow to someone who couldn't see it, by making them feel the sun's heat and explain that yellow is like summer – hot, fun, and time to take a break and enjoy the warm weather outside.

I would describe music to someone who couldn't hear, by telling the lyrics and demonstrating different actions – like happy, sad, excited, feeling lazy, etc.

DC: How do you evaluate success?

Success is measured by how someone manages their time and resources wisely. The ability to balance priorities between ERG, business as usual and personal life is a superpower.

I believe someone who has time to spare for worthwhile causes like ERGs or CSR, is wise in managing resources and time, and therefore will help them to succeed.  

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