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Rule 17Ad-16 of the Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1934 requires transfer agents to notify a qualified registered depository if it has changed its name, or assumed, transferred or terminated its services. It also requires the qualified registered securities depository to deliver a copy of such notices to its own Participants within 24 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) to ensure that investors receive this critical information in a timely fashion. The Issuer Agent Portal will enable the posting, in near real time of TA Notices directly to LENS.

  • Benefits

    • A streamlined process that is driven by you
    • A single user interface with an intuitive online form for submission of notice details
    • Automated email confirmation with a link to your submission details provides assurance that notices have been posted within SEC mandated timeframes
    • Notices are created in near real time and available to LENS subscribers right away
    • Efficiency gains as 17Ad-16 changes can be bulk uploaded to LENS using Excel workbooks or Comma Separated Value (CSV) files
    • The convenient, flexible, and straight through nature of the Issuer Agent Portal and associated outputs can be expanded to other processes to help streamline the investor communication pipeline