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DTCC Launches Refreshed Brand and Visual Identity

By Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer | 2 minute read | September 18, 2023

The DTCC brand is one of our most valuable assets. It tells our 50-years-strong story to our employees and external stakeholders, expresses our identity and builds a deep emotional connection with them. A brand can be so powerful that it often motivates a person to buy one product or service over a similar and equally good alternative. It is no wonder that a company’s brand has been described as “what our clients recognize and our competitors fear.”

We know that change within financial services remains a constant, and our clients are seeking a higher level of support from DTCC. Recognizing this as an opportunity, DTCC has launched a refreshed strategy and brand positioning designed to reflect the role we play in helping clients and the industry navigate an increasingly challenging and competitive global financial marketplace.

We began rolling out key elements of our updated strategy and brand this past Spring, including a fresh new look. Our new visual identity includes aspects that reinforce optimism and a forward-looking approach. And, in September, we unveiled our new positioning line – Financial Markets. Forward.™ – which builds upon our reputation as a trusted steward, partner and strategic industry leader. Further, our new brand promise defines what we work to deliver as a firm:

To leverage our expertise, innovate purposefully, and deliver resilience and value so our clients and the industry achieve optimum performance.

New Mission and Vision

We also took this opportunity to review and, ultimately, evolve our brand and culture framework, engaging with a wide group of employees, clients and other stakeholders to provide input to our new Mission and Vision statements.

Our Mission: To create opportunities for our clients and the industry to grow by protecting and advancing the global financial markets.

Our Vision: To lead the advancement of the global financial markets as the most influential, strategic and tech-focused partner.

Our brand promise, coupled with our mission and vision, collectively establishes a North Star for the organization and defines what we are working to accomplish for all our stakeholders. In turn, we also updated our Values to speak to how we will operate as we successfully execute upon our mission and vision. While the values are new, they speak to enduring culture and qualities of DTCC. Our Values are:

  • Unwavering Integrity
  • Passion for Excellence
  • Steadfast Partnership
  • Respect for Individuals
  • Responsible Citizenship

Our refreshed strategy and brand positioning reinforce our unwavering commitment to delivering the best possible experience for our clients. And our renewed mission and vision statements demonstrate DTCC’s dedication to supporting the growth of the global financial markets and tackling the industry’s biggest operational challenges collaboratively.

Marie Chinnici-Everitt, DTCC Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer and Regional Manager at DTCC Tampa
Marie Chinnici-Everitt

DTCC Managing Director, Chief Marketing Officer and Regional Manager, Tampa

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