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Access Central Clearing

Direct Participants

The members of GSD include dealers, inter-dealer brokers, registered investment companies, government securities issuers, banks, foreign entities, registered clearing agencies and members of the Centrally Cleared Institutional Triparty (CCIT™) Service that meet GSD's membership requirements. GSD's central counterparty services provide its members with operationally efficient processing, collateral management and reduced risk.

Direct Participant

  • Netting
  • CCIT
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Indirect Participants

To further support the U.S. government securities market, GSD continues to expand its capabilities by offering its central clearing services to eligible clients (i.e., entities that are not full members or direct members of FICC). GSD offers such clearing services to eligible clients through the Sponsoring/Sponsored Member Service and the Agent Clearing Service*, all of which allows for a larger range of market participants to benefit from FICC's risk management practices.

*Subject to the review and approval of proposed rule change fillings by the SEC.

Indirect Participant

  • Sponsoring
  • Sponsored
  • Agent Clearing Membership
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The statements and other information available on and through this page, including information in any links and documents available on this page, is for informational purposes only. Please refer to the GSD Rules for descriptions of the rules, procedures, and all rights, obligations, and other requirements of both FICC and its participants in connection with their use of GSD’s services. In the case of any discrepancy between the information available here and the GSD Rules, the GSD Rules govern.