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We understand the importance of protecting the industry and clients from risks associated with the use of third parties. The Third-Party Risk program strives to deliver industry best practices for identifying, assessing, monitoring and mitigating third-party risk. As part of the program, third parties are expected to participate and comply with initial due diligence and ongoing monitoring requirements.

“Supporting a diverse and inclusive environment must include consideration for who we do business with. As we support buildout of a diverse supplier base, our third part risk team strives to partner with out suppliers to help them understand and meet our control requirements so DTCC can provide the best solutions to out clients.”
Michael Rivas, DTCC Executive Director, Third Party Risk

During the initial onboarding process, we partner with our third parties to complete due diligence risk assessments that consider a range of risk factors (e.g., technology, resiliency, regulatory, etc.) that are commensurate with the engagement type and the risk that the vendor poses to DTCC. Our third parties work with us to help us confirm that their controls are in alignment with DTCC standards.

Following initial onboarding process, we also engage and partner with third parties to complete ongoing monitoring to ensure services continue to be provided in alignment with DTCC’s standards. These actives include but are not limited to risk reassessments, ongoing performance meetings, negative news monitoring, and onsite assessments.

As our partner, we work in a collaborative effort to identify and resolve concerns that may arise.

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