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Simplifying Corporate Actions Claims with ClaimConnect

By Ann Marie Bria, DTCC Executive Director, Corporate Actions Business Management | November 3, 2020

Delivering on our promise to create efficiencies for the industry, DTCC is proud to introduce a new Corporate Actions service. ClaimConnect™, an offering of DTCC’s subsidiary The Depository Trust Company (DTC), will enable clients to bilaterally manage and settle claims seamlessly through a flexible, single-point of entry. With ClaimConnect, we believe matching and closing a claim has never been easier and gives our clients a better way to process claims

Over the past decade, our team has been busy working with the industry to revamp our technology and improve processes involved with Corporate Actions to reduce risk, cost and complexity for our clients. With the client experience at the forefront of our minds, we’re continuously meeting with clients to learn more about their internal processes and target even more ways to improve their pain points.

Through this partnership, we realized there was an opportunity to close a gap within Corporate Actions Processing related to untracked claims. These claims -- which include securities lending, short-settled trades (outside of the current T+2 cycle), differences in tax rates and fails -- are currently processed manually, by large operations teams with inefficient back-and-forth communication from fax, email and phone calls.

ClaimConnect centralizes claim processing, allowing clients to facilitate the entire lifecycle of a claim from submission to closure. With ClaimConnect, clients are able to automate the historically manual process which reduces risk and errors and should lead to an expedited closure.

A few of the benefits of using ClaimConnect include near real-time claim validation and matching, email alerts and the ability to pinpoint the exact data needed with intuitive search functionality. We have designed it to be extremely flexible, customizable and easily adaptable to future claim types. Clients who use the service will be able to post claims verses their counterparty with the ability to track those claims all the way through to settlement. Both sides of the claim will have access to email notifications, alerting them of claim statuses and reporting to communicate progress, which further simplifies decision making.

Utilizing DTCC’s “Marketplace”

ClaimConnect is also one of the first of DTCC’s services to be featured on DTCC’s API Marketplace. DTCC’s “Marketplace,” aka DTCC’s Application Programming Interface (API) Marketplace, launched in February 2020 to provide our clients with streamlined access to applications and services.

With ClaimConnect APIs on the Marketplace, Corporate Actions clients will have direct programmatic access to DTCC processing functionality. This will allow clients to automate the process of submitting claims and inquiring about their status. ClaimConnect is currently in DTCC’s PSE testing environment, as we are planning to launch the service later this year, upon SEC approval. We’re excited about what this service will bring to our clients in processing efficiency and innovative integrable technology. To learn more about how ClaimConnect works and what benefits you can expect to receive, please view our fact sheet and other related materials at



Headshot of DTCC's Ann Marie Bria
Ann Marie Bria

DTCC Managing Director, Asset Services Business Management