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DTCC Issuer Agent Portal - Coming Soon Q1 2024
DTCC Issuer Agent Portal - Coming Soon Q1 2024
  • About

    Developed specifically for the agent, trustee and issuer community, the Issuer Agent Portal provides a means for direct submission of notices to LENS. The portal builds on the foundation established by the LIBOR Replacement Index Communication Tool whose design was expanded to include all LENS notice categories – Legal, Tax, LIBOR and Transfer Agent notices posted to comply with Rule 17Ad-16 of the Securities and Exchange Commission Act of 1934. 

  • How it Works

    The portal enables third party agents and others to enter information into a fielded template which forms the basis of an electronically created notice that is posted to LENS.

    To post a legal notice to LENS free of charge, email the notice in PDF format to [email protected]. Beginning in Q1 2024, this procedure will be retired and notices will only be accepted for submission via the Issuer Agent Portal.

    For Q1 2024 Issuer Agent Portal training and support, please email [email protected].

  • Who Can Use the Service

    Transfer agents, paying agents, redemption agents, dividend disbursement agents, trustees and issuers can use the portal to submit notices to LENS.