This site will provide you with a comprehensive guide to the GTR UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) reporting in the case of a UK withdrawal from the EU without a transitional agreement.


Our new EU27 Trade Repository (TR) in Ireland, DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) Plc or "DDRIE" has been successfully registered by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) to operate within the EU27 post-Brexit. DDRIE will not be active until Brexit takes effect, i.e. 23.00 UTC on 29th March, assuming a hard Brexit. Clients should therefore continue to report to DTCC Derivatives Repository Plc, "DDRL", until 23.00 UTC on 29th March. ESMA authorization of DDRL will be withdrawn at this point and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) authorization for DDRL to operate in the UK will come into effect.

In the event Brexit is delayed beyond 29th March, DDRL will remain the active ESMA authorized TR until further notice.

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