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Issue Eligibility

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Apr 05, 2024 Operational Arrangements - Necessary for Securities to Become and Remain Eligible for DTC Services
Issue Eligibility

Dec 21, 2023 The eCD Indemnification Letter is used when features on an eCD certificate need to be amended post issuance. Special Letters (PDF)

Apr 06, 2021 The LOP is used, when due to extraordinary circumstances, the Lead Underwriter of a Non-FAST new issue has advised DTC that it will not be able to deliver the physical certificates to DTC in compliance to the requirements described in DTC’s Operational Arrangements (OA). Note: Please read the letter in its entirety before completing and submitting to DTC. Special Letters (PDF)

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    New Issue Eligibility

    DTCC's New Issue Eligibility program allows newly issued securities and secondary offerings to become eligible for the depository & book-entry services of DTC.

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    Get the latest news & white papers about DTCC's New Issue Eligibility program, specifically built for underwriters, placement agents and other DTC participants.

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  • FPO

    As per the Operational Arrangements (OA), every agent must provide confirmation of key information of issuances being reviewed for eligibility.

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    Download legal information about the New Issue Eligibility program in the form of notices, by-laws & rules. Enter the website to learn more.

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