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Phase 1: Choosing Your Connectivity Option

What Are Your Options?

Does your current system meet minimum requirements?

  1. The SMART Network
    1. Dedicated Circuit - A direct network connection that supports FTP and NDM and provides the most robust option for connectivity.
  2. DTCC WebDirect - A Web based environment which uses a digital certificate that enables you to upload and download files. There is no charge for this option.
    1. To order DTCC WebDirect, please contact your Relationship Manager or [email protected].

For more information about the SMART Network, please visit the technology section of the DTCC website.

Who Should You Contact with Additional Connectivity Questions?

Contact the DTCC Service Activation Group at [email protected].

Phase 1: Choosing Your Connectivity Option
Phase 2: Selecting your I&RS products
Phase 3: Developing your I&RS interface
Phase 4: Testing
Phase 5: Resolution Center