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Phase 4: Testing


Guidelines for Submitting Files to the Test Region

The test environment for  I&RS is designed to process files of a limited size. It is not meant to process files containing a large number of transactions that would normally be submitted in the production environment. If it is necessary to send large volume test files, please contact DTCC prior to sending the file to ensure the file will be passed successfully. You should use these guidelines to submit your test files to the test region.

Note: Submitting files of significantly larger size may have an adverse impact on timely processing.

All Members

The I&RS member test region is available Monday through Friday. It is highly recommended that you submit test files to the test region, especially when

  • Establishing new trading relationships
  • Adding new I&RS services
  • Adding new CUSIP numbers
  • Including additional type codes
  • Adding enhancement release functionality

Required Flag for Testing

When sending files into the test environment, the test indicator must be flagged with a ‘T’. There is no money settlement in the test region therefore no MSS (Money Settlement Summary) file will be generated. Any messages sent to a test participant without the correct test indicator flag will be rejected back to the originator.

For additional support, contact your relationship manager.

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