Selecting your I&RS Products

Phase 2: Selecting your I&RS products


Now that you have selected your connectivity option, you will need to select the I&RS products you wish to utilize. The following table lists the I&RS products currently supported by the system. Click on the Product links for more information.

Note: E-learning courses are available.

How to get started using these solutions

Carriers and distributors should utilize the online product form to set up new products in test or production for existing I&RS offerings. In addition, you are responsible for submitting new trading relationship information for Asset Pricing only.

For your convenience, here are the links to access our Members' Lists.


Before you proceed, ensure that your CUSIP numbers have been registered with Standard & Poors. Then submit your registered CUSIP numbers to I&RS.

Insurance & Retirement Services Fees


Phase 1: Choosing Your Connectivity Option

Phase 2: Selecting your I&RS products

Phase 3: Developing your I&RS interface

Phase 4: Testing

Phase 5: Resolution Center